Tidy up those sewing bobbins

I don’t know about you, but tangled bobbin threads bug me. I figured out an easy way to keep them looking neat-n-tidy. I doubt I’m the only “crafty” person with slightly OCD tendencies, so here’s my tip below.

Bobbins beforeandafter

Before… a mess of tails. Try getting a bobbin out without unraveling at least two others.
After… neat and sweet. This tip with work with just about any type or size bobbin.

First you’ll need extra wide straws. Clear, if possible. These are becoming more common- I’ve seen them sold as “Bubble Tea” straws. I believe I bought these at my local Asian grocery store. Really though, you just need one or two straws, so how about you go to your local Bubble Tea Cafe and buy a nice Boba Milk Tea? For the sake of organization, sweet delicious organization?

Wide strawTake that straw and cut it into rings. You want the rings to be not quite as tall as your bobbins. Cut the rings open, so they look like little “C”‘s.

Next, just wind your bobbins up tight, and then wrap the straw rings around each bobbin.


That’s it. Easy, huh? I used clear-ish straws so I could still see my thread color.
You may have to roll and recoil your straw rings if they get stretched out after a few uses. I keep my extras right with my bobbins.

Extra bobbin rings

Gotta love these kind of immediate gratification organization projects. Have fun.


Welcome to my blog

I’ve decide to create a spot to share and document my projects. Expect a bit of sewing, a bunch of thrift refashions, some organizing tips and craft ideas. Also, expect a few home improvement projects, where I’m pretty much figuring it out as I go along, and giving myself an excuse to buy more power tools. I also occasionally dive into jewelry making and other girlie pursuits.